Cloud Based Time Tracking Solution for Staffing Agents

Improve the accuracy of time entry, and the speed of approval, all in real time.

The tedious process of faxing over time sheets for signatures, getting them faxed back, then manually entering them into accounting software is fraught with pitfalls, inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and above all---wasted time.

Cloud based time tracking is powerful and easy to use. Get an instant overview of hours broken down by client, project, team, and employee. An intuitive dashboard shows who submitted time and which time sheets are waiting for approval. If ever audited by the DCAA, you have a record of all your time data to submit at a moment's notice.

Feature Rich. Industry Focused. DOL and DCAA Compliant.


  • Managers can clock in groups of employees

  • Manual time card for retroactive time entry


  • Customer can approve time sheets electronically!

  • Easy time sheet adjustments

  • Scheduling

  • Assign group managers and divisions

  • Integrates with payroll and accounting software

  • Only pay for active users with our Flex Force package


  • Real time information and syncing across consolidated and multiple locations

  • Overtime notifications

TSheets offers time tracking technology that gives employees mobile, flexible options for clocking in/out and entering time, while allowing clients to review and approve staff hours with online efficiency.

Inaccuracies are a thing of the past!


Staffing agents of the 21st Century understand that TSheets gives a distinct competitive advantage in a world of paper time cards. Come join us in the cloud today and let the power of technology  take your agency to the next level.

TSheets. We Love Employees

"TSheets keeps it simple, but with lots of options. Employees can go to the website, use a text message, or call an 800 number. It makes it as easy as possible to get hours in."

                           -Acrobat Outsourcing

Disclaimer: TAMCO Capital Accounting & Finance provides cloud-based accounting, advisory, compliance, and tax planning services to nonpublic business entities taxed as partnerships. Engagements are available on a retainer basis. Unaudited financial statements are prepared from accounting data provided by the client. We make no assurances, representations or warranties to external users regarding the reliability of data presented in unaudited financial statements; nor do we issue an opinion about the integrity of information provided by management.

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