Frequently asked questions

How does the retainer monthly plan work?

All retainer plans require a fully-executed retainer agreement for one of our three plan options. Invoices are sent monthly via email and are due upon receipt. The preferrend method of payment is by bank ACH. However, most major credit cards are also accepted.

Is there a limit to the number of hours available to a client each month?

Yes. The breakdown of hours per month for our LITE and Deluxe Retainer Plans follows. Deluxe+ includes unlimited hours per month for accounting and consultation. LITE Full charge bookkeeping/accounting (General Ledger/Subsidiary Accounts): 4 hours
Payroll add-on (1-10 emoloyees): 6 Financial services consultation: 2 Quickbooks Online (QBO advisory (after setup and training): 8 Quickbooks Desktop to QBO conversion: 8 Deluxe Accounting (General Ledger/Subsidiary Accounts/Payables Management/Receivables Management/Reconciliations): 24 hours
Payroll (1-10 emoloyees): 36 Financial services consultation: 16 Cash flow advisory: 16 Quickbooks Online (QBO advisory (after setup and training): 40 Quickbooks Desktop to QBO conversion: 40 Deluxe+ Accounting (General Ledger/Subsidiary Accounts/Payables Management/Receivables Management/Reconciliations): Unlimited
Payroll (1-10 emoloyees): Unlimited Financial services consultation: Unlimited Cash flow advisory: Unlimited Fixed asset management: Unlimited Employee time tracking: Unlimited Job costing: Unlimited Quickbooks Online (QBO advisory (after setup and training): Unlimited Quickbooks Desktop to QBO conversion: 40

What happens if my needs exceed the hours allowed?

If you require additional assistance with a project or activity, then we will bill you at client-only pricing. Depending on the plan, clients save up to 40% on normal hourly rates. We will discuss client pricing and other questions that you may have when you schedule a free consultation. You are under no obligation to execute an agreement at any time.

How can you offer unlimited services for Deluxe+ clients?

It's simple. Our business model focuses on "quality" client services vs. quantity of clients served. We offer a limited number of slots under each plan. Once those slots are filled, then we no longer accept new business under that plan. Existing clients can upgrade when capacity permits. It's important to engage at the appropriate level at the outset. Accountant-client relationships are long term and last an average of seven (7) years. Exisitng clients can place their names on a waiting list to upgrade when capacity permits. Unlike our competitors, we'd rather turn business away than to take on more business than we can effectively service. Your satisfaction is our top priority and our exclusive model allows us to provide top-of-the-line services to a select number of clients for years to come.

What if I just want to engage you to prepare my tax return?

Again, we offer bundled services to clients only. Cloud-based accounting provides economies of scale in terms of data gathering and system integration. We pass these savings on to our clients. Our pricing model would be less affordable if we offer one-off services to companies who operate outside of our cloud platform. You must engage us under the LITE retainer plan, at minimum, in order to do business with our firm.

What are the guidelines for tax return preparation?

Since we serve business clients, basic tax return preparation includes federal and state e-file for your business tax return (1120, 1120S, 1065), plus client-only pricing for IRS forms 1040 (w/schedules),1041, 706, 709, and consolidated corporate returns. Pricing includes returns for one business entity. Additional entities and consolidated tax returns are priced separately for LiTE and Deluxe plans. Deluxe+ includes federal and state tax returns for up to three entities (separate or consolidated) plus one personal return w/schedules.

I need to form an entity for a project or property can you assist?

Sure. Clients have unlimited access to our Corporate Formation and Compliance division for legal assitance in forming corporations and LLCs in any state--plus annual compliance filings for registered agents and annual reports. LITE plans include a 10% rebate on formation fees. Deluxe plans offer a 40% rebate. Deluxe+ plans include up to three formatons at no charge. Once your entity is set up propertly we will notify you when annual filings are due and file the appropriate documents with the state of incorporation. Clients are responsible in advance for invoices due to the state for annual report fees and renewing a registered agent. Invoices for state filing fees are sent at least thirty days in advance of the due date.

What is audit protection?

Our audit protection plan protects you from IRS audit due to errors made in preparing your annual business tax return. The plan provides up to $2500 reimbursement for liability and interest due to tax preparer error for that year. Audit protection is included in all tax return preparation engagements.

Disclaimer: TAMCO Capital Accounting & Finance provides cloud-based accounting, advisory, compliance, and tax planning services to nonpublic business entities taxed as partnerships. Engagements are available on a retainer basis. Unaudited financial statements are prepared from accounting data provided by the client. We make no assurances, representations or warranties to external users regarding the reliability of data presented in unaudited financial statements; nor do we issue an opinion about the integrity of information provided by management.

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